Mel’s Monday Musings: August 3, 2020

Since my art career appears to be taking off (!!) and since art is one of those underrated things getting us all through this pandemic and this crazy year in general, I thought I would take the opportunity to point people at a few other artists whose work I admire and enjoy.

John Avon, renowned fantasy illustrator. (Full disclosure: also a friend of mine.) He has illustrated several cards and the prettiest lands in Magic: the Gathering (a TCG, for those who don’t know). He also does book covers and other things; his website is currently being redone but you can catch him on Instagram. His art features lush, vibrant landscapes, fantastical objects, cities made of dreams (or nightmares), and so much more.

Penny Reilly of Beyond the Gate Gallery, an Australian artist whose nature-focused pieces will transport you to another realm — or put you back in touch with parts of yourself you thought you’d lost. Check her out here.

Jon Carling, whose pen and ink sketches stay with me, over and over. His simple line drawings and sketches are evocative and haunting. You can take a peek for yourself on Twitter.

Veronica Guzzardi — she paints, she does Superb Owls, she creates the cutest resin critters on the planet! Do you like axolotls and/or tardigrades? She does too! Find all of her coolest stuff at Sharptooth Snail.

Who are some of your favorite contemporary artists/makers of things? 🙂