Mel’s Monday Musings: May 11, 2020

I don’t really have it today…I thought I was going to write something witty, but then something happened that bumped my brain right out of creative mode. I know better than to try to force it right now, so I’ll save that thought for another day.

I did end up writing a bit on Facebook just now (unrelated); I’ll copy and add to that here.

[I know it’s wearying to see people blatantly disregarding other people’s lives on the news, and that we all read far too many tales — and comments — of people who refuse to abide by anything that’s even the slightest bit inconvenient for the sake of someone else. BUT:]

Most people are good. Most people — of all parties, though the compliance numbers differ; this damned pandemic is not and should not be political! Covid-19 does not care who you vote for! — are following science-based recommendations. I saw a map yesterday that showed, according to cell phone pings, that most of us, even in partially opening states, are staying at home. And most of us (maybe not everywhere, but in the places I can speak of with confidence) are wearing masks when we do go out.

I know MOST is not the same as ALL. I know that the people who are being ignorant and selfish are making headlines. The assholes of the world have always been loud. Don’t let them jade you. For every idiot with a gun at a sandwich shop whining about rights, there are a thousand grandmas sewing masks for strangers. For every asshat refusing to wear a mask in public, there are a thousand families checking on their neighbors. For every attention-craving jerk spreading conspiracy theories, there are a thousand people quietly donating food and other supplies.

Good people are never outnumbered. Don’t listen to those who have overdeveloped voices to compensate for their underdeveloped minds and shriveled hearts.

Take a moment or a day and be mad/sad/disgusted with the willfully ignorant. They have earned your scorn, and you always have the right to not be ok. Take a break when you need to. Breathe. Do whatever you need to refill your reservoirs.

But please, then come back and pick up the next starfish.

You are not alone.

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