Mel’s Monday Musings: March 30, 2020

Hi! How are you? Need some good distractions?

I thought I’d list my favorite generally-positive Instagram accounts for y’all this week. So, in no particular order, here are some folks you can follow when you need some cuteness or something happy to read:

@the_happy_broadcast: News that offers hope and optimism about both current events and the future of the planet. Illustrated by Mauro Gatti.

@1bike1world: Adventures of Nala and her human, whom she found on her trip. Charitable, too!

@ostdrossel: Birds, in all of their up-close splendor! Great captions.

@toby_swampdog: Toby the Scottish swamp dog! This dog will do ANYTHING to get wet and muddy. Hilariously adorable.

@tussetroll_and_tingeling: Norwegian cats loving life and living their best ones year-round.

Who would you add? 🙂