Mel’s Monday Musings: March 23, 2020

Hey there! Are you looking for ways to brighten your day and maybe someone else’s while we’re isolating ourselves (if we’re not essential workers)?

I’ve found a few things that might help; they’re happening in my neighborhood and town. 🙂

1) Consider putting up holiday lights, or even just a strand of white lights or fairy lights if  you have them around. The more windows/porch area covered the better! It looks so festive, especially with the lights of a lot of familiar businesses not lit right now.

2) Happy Hearts — cut a heart (or three, or) out of plain paper or cardstock. Leave it blank or decorate it any way you like; some I’ve seen have positive messages like “We can do this!” and put it in a street-facing window of your house. Some folks are also putting a teddy bear in the front window. Children can go on car rides to try to spot hearts or teddy bears, and I have to say, these things make adults smile too!

3) Sidewalk chalk! Write positive messages or color a cheerful picture on the sidewalk outside your home.

We are not helpless. We can be starfish rescuers (see here) during this crisis — and make no mistake; we ARE saving lives by staying home…and not just our own.

Do you have other ideas for brightening your corner of the world right now? I’d love to hear them!

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