Mel’s Monday Musings: February 3, 2020

Hey, look! It’s Monday! How are you?

Can’t complain here, although I woke up grumpy (not an unusual state for me if I’m awake at 6am, despite my general optimism — I am just not a morning person).

I’m not watching the caucuses, but I am following along with developments online. Why do we even have those instead of primaries? Such a terrible idea. And staggered primaries are stupid too…they should all happen on the same day, imo, and much earlier than my state’s primary, which happens in late April.

Enough about politics, though. How about religion?

(Very personal — as it should be.)

I’ve said it before, but I’ve come to a place in recent years where I feel that it’s not as important to put a face on your guiding principles — it’s also ok (or even awesome, if that works for you) to deify them. And really, although they are far more complex than this, the god/dess(es) we choose to revere all have certain principles associated with them. These principles/traits can vary, mind you, and can even be in conflict within the same god/dess.

I also believe that correspondences vary according to each individual’s relationship with his/her/their god(s). You and I will not, cannot, have the same experiences with and understanding of, say, Loki, because we are two different people with differing purposes and lives.

I primarily worship/revere/deify Wisdom, Compassion, and Hope (there’s a sort of secondary tier too, but that’s a whole ‘nother ramble). You can absolutely be an atheist and do justice by these principles/guiding traits. I come to them from a polytheist perspective (Odin, Brighid, and Nyx, respectively) — my studies and experiences have brought me here, with these particular cross-pantheon deities.

And it is absolutely nobody’s business. But damn, it’s frustrating to see “trending” topics on Twitter like “God is God” and read diatribes by people so certain that their way is The Only Right Way. It’s bullshit, and it’s harmful.

If November doesn’t bring profound political changes, I’m afraid it’s also going to continue to be increasingly dangerous, this state-sanctioned right-wing Christian fury. (See? It was all tied together after all.) So don’t go to sleep; don’t turn away. You can’t afford to look away if you’re in any way “different” — as we’ve already seen since 2016 (and before; it’s always been hard and in some cases dangerous to be different!).

I know it’s frustrating and exhausting. But hold on. Be informed. Vote.