Mel’s Monday Musings: October 21, 2019

Hi! How goes it?

October continues to chug onward at max velocity, or so it seems to me. How is it already Monday again?? I think craft shows are partly responsible, because they eat up a lot of my weekend sometimes so the days all blur together. I love them though.

Mia patro estas kun mi this week (see how handy Esperanto is?) and I am looking forward to spending some time with him. We might go antiquing or down to the river or most of the way across the state; who knows? I’m always up for an adventure. 🙂

Rehearsal is going well for “Messiah.”

I’ve been pondering whether I could create my own holiday gnomes (tomten) for less money than I could buy them. I’m still not sure on that. (The crafter’s curse — everything I see that I like, I think, “Well, but if I *really* liked it, I could probably make it myself” even if I know that’s not cost-effective or productive in a lot of cases.)

Got a decent bit of cleaning and de-cluttering done this weekend, even with an art show.

And, for those of you who play TCG, you may appreciate the sheer delight I take in stomping people in Arena Online with my crazy Food deck these days. It’s a stupid, home-brewed deck that shouldn’t work, but generally does. (Thank you, Cauldron Familiar).

All in all, I’m feeling pretty fine right now; really can’t complain. How about you?