Mel’s Monday Musings: September 16, 2019

Hi! How’s the week starting off for you? Anything interesting going on?

It’s been a bit quiet here thus far, and I don’t mind a bit. I have to file my first quarterly tax return by Friday, so am planning on doing that tomorrow. Fun! :-p

I made entirely too much inventory for the craft shows I have planned, but it’s all stuff I had the materials for anyway — and the thing is, this is entertainment and fulfillment for me, the creating part of things. It’s better than watching a movie any day. Making that money back is awesome but it’s not why I’m an artist — and I think keeping that in mind will help me maintain a healthy perspective.

I’m still secretly hoping to earn enough money to get the equipment I need to focus more on digital projects in the coming year, so I don’t have to rely as heavily on sales of tangible crafts (I’ll always do chainmaille and alcohol ink paintings at the very least though; I love them more than the rest of what I do).

As it gets cooler outside, I’ll also pick up the occasional knitting project (just scarves mostly, some doll blankets and teddy bear scarves). I need to figure out the cool sock weaving loom thingie I received for Christmas last year; I would love to make everyone a couple pairs of cozy socks this winter. Knitting is a good cold-weather craft; I don’t want a partial blanket sitting in my lap during the summer heat!

(I love the idea of crochet, too, but I never got the hang of it. Maybe someday!)

Making things, no matter the details, and keeping my hands busy, is so relaxing and enjoyable for me. I’m no domestic goddess (my house is always a cluttered wreck despite my best efforts…and sometimes my half-assed efforts, to be fair) but I will gift a random family member with a warm scarf just for the pleasure of handling ridiculously fuzzy yarn.

(Ooooh, yarn shopping…I made all of us scarves last year, so I need a new excuse. I don’t plan on selling scarves because my hands won’t let me knit them fast enough to make very many in a season….but yarn shopping! Ahhh.)

We went apple picking this past weekend. It was so much fun! A lot of the best-looking apples were near the tops of the trees though, where none of us could quite reach. I managed to jump and grab a couple of them, and we still ended up taking home a ridiculous amount of apples…but it got me thinking.

When things seem to be just out of our reach, does this indicate that perhaps said things are not for us, or is it a prompt to reach further, to stretch higher, to take that leap and see what happens?

I think it could be either, or both by turns, depending on the specifics of the situation. Some things are not for us, and forcing them could lead to emotional injuries. At the same time, some of the best “fruit” in life requires the most effort to obtain. You have to really want it, to be willing to jump high (sometimes in front of everyone), to risk being scratched by random branches, in order to close your hand around the prize.

Wisdom lies in knowing which applies to the scenario you’re living. 😉 I did leave some of the most beautiful apples at the top of the trees, because some were just not meant to be ours or I’d have risked damaging the tree, etc. But some of them just asked me to work a tiny bit harder, and those did come home with me.

So…what’s new with you? 🙂