Mel’s Monday Musings: September 2, 2019

Hi, y’all. 🙂  How’s it going?

It’s been a busy week here, as we’re down to the last days before school starts. I’m trying to work out the wake-everyone-up schedule to maximize sleep but minimize the hassle of getting three kids out the door. Two of mine will ride the same bus, even though they go to different schools! My youngest has never ridden the bus to school but I know it won’t be long before the routine is normal to all of them.

Also, we didn’t buy much in the way of clothing, because we got some of this stuff at the start of summer, and darned if one of my kids hasn’t already outgrown ALL of their jeans! Plus school supplies…just call me broke for the foreseeable future, heh. I don’t mind much though; there’s not a lot I need to be relatively happy.

Esperanto continues! I’m almost through the big first module or w/e and onto the second (probably next week or the one after; I’m going slowly for retention).

I had some thoughts on loyalty and friendship today but I’m still mulling them over, so more on that later (it revolved around how some people feel the need to test their relationships, sometimes to the extent that the other person feels like they’re on trial without just cause). Maybe next week.

Craft-wise, my little Xmas spider ornaments are proving to be popular (at least as a talking point), so I’m trying to make more of those before the next show. I also have some wet sanding to do of some resin pendants and figurines (hoping to get to that tonight). Oh, and I’m officially Wandering Bloom Art now!

In random news, I think it’s almost time to schedule my flu shot (and by schedule, I mean walk into my local Walmart for one as soon as they put up the signs that they have this year’s vaccine available). I’ve heard all the stories you have, but the one year I didn’t get the shot, I got the flu (in Feb. 2018). For a week I was barely conscious, even with meds. No thanks; don’t wanna do that again. I make the kids get the shot (or spray) too.

All in all, things are going reasonably well here, and I hope you can say the same. 🙂 Is the weather changing for you yet?