Beltane 2019

Green isn’t my favorite color.

Blue is — the shifting blue-gray-green of the ocean and of eyes so dear to me; the sharp sweet blue of happy skies festooned with clouds exactly as a young child would draw them; the deep blue-black of midnight under a new moon; teals and the endless shades from electric blue to royal and beyond. I love blue.

Spring isn’t my favorite season. Autumn always has been, with its rich hues and the promise of cooling, healing, and dreams. Living here, I have to admit that winter may eventually rival or even surpass autumn as my favorite season, with its thick snowfalls and thicker stillnesses, respite from hurry, and elaborate artworks wrought in frost, crystalline-captured fancies and crunching, creaking booted steps.



The energy here — way north of anywhere I’ve lived before — at Beltane is very much that of a landscape that awoke again not too long ago. After such a slow start, we suddenly find ourselves in lush, ankle-deep grass, and nobody is in a hurry to tame this newfound wealth of greenery. Trees have finally begun to leaf out, red-green buds giving way to treasures they couldn’t contain, fledgling foliage thin but certain.

And it doesn’t matter much that I am autumn’s daughter with a winter-forged heart. We are all filled with springtime right now, the very blood frolicking in our veins. We may not be able to pack away our jackets just yet, but spring is a welcome fever that none in this little town resist. There’s a near-giddiness that comes with a surprise sunny, 60-degree day midway through a chilly, rainy week, and it always seems that everyone in the area has dropped whatever they were doing in favor of outdoor chores or just a good spell of what we Southerners might call “porch-sittin’.”

“Dandelion madness” might be a good name for it, this ridiculously outsized happiness that seems to settle over the entire region. I enjoy my thick-blanket, curl-up-and-gaze-out-at-the-snow weather more than most, but even I am content that what is falling from the sky today is “just” rain. Green is everywhere — spring is everywhere — and I love that, too.

The fires of Beltane are well-lit within. Blessings on your life and your endeavors. /|\