It’s HERE! (Also: Big Bites)

It’s here!! It’s really happening!

The book I thought I’d have out in January of this year (darn you, 2017) got sidetracked by a death and another loss on its heels.

I was going to wait and submit for actual publication in a few days, so my book would land in 2018…but then I thought, no, 2017 needs something good, some positive mile marker along this journey of life.

So I did it. Night Hag in the Flame is available on Amazon here.

I’ve also learned a few things this year about my writing process. Poetry is…hard, grueling, even, and also quicksilver, too fast and elusive for my fingers to translate in time to keep hold of it sometimes.

It’s also me. I’m a poet. I like writing other things, sometimes, but in my heart of hearts, I’m a poet, for better or for worse.

My word for 2018 — to be revealed soon — encourages fearless leaps. In the spirit of this, I have purchased a 365-day journal. Not for journaling (I suck at keeping up with that), but for poetry.

A poem (probably a haiku; I enjoy the dance of condensing thoughts too large and colorful to fit entirely between my ears into a smattering of syllables on the page) a day. EVERY day.

And to those who say I’ve surely bitten off more than I can chew with this one, have you seen the fangs on me lately? A gift from my old friends, thunder and stubbornness.

Crunch, crunch, motherfuckers.