These Days

What are you up to these days, Mel? You sure aren’t writing much.

Au contraire, mes amis...I have so many projects (writing and otherwise) in the works right now that I’m finding it difficult to post as often as I’d like to for this blog.

Works-in-progress at this time (not a complete list):

-My second poetry collection, hopefully out this autumn.
-A Regency novel(la), my first foray into the genre.
-A part-travel blog (at least once summer rolls around!), part anything-goes IG account for my adorable resin owl, Ioho, and his friends.
-A sewing project from a few of my grandfather’s old shirts.
-A knitted full-size blanket for someone dear to me.
-Research on a little-known and (it seems) little-worshiped Primordial Goddess.
-A Tarot site to (hopefully) help people and bring in a bit of income.

Add in the usual time spent singing, crafting, coloring, managing the menagerie, being “Mom! Moooommm!” and studying Druidry, and you might see why posts are few and far between!

I do enjoy posting here though, and I really should share my thoughts on whatever randomness arises more often. I will endeavor to do so (maybe adding it to my Bullet Journal — something I’ve recently begun to hold myself accountable and accomplish more with my time — will help).

What are you up to these days?