Roiling Love

Y’all. My heart hurts so much right now that I can barely breathe.

My husband was flying back over the ocean as the people of Nice, France, were crying a sea of tears.

I was on a mountain as people in Dallas were brought low by a sniper firing on cops protecting a peaceful protest.

Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Sandra Bland, and more.

Istanbul. Paris. San Bernadino. Orlando.

Racial tensions. Religious tensions. Political tensions. Terrorism, abroad and at home.

Fear. Hatred.

Over and over.

Nobody deserves to be gunned down, beaten, abused, etc. because of the color of their skin.

Nobody deserves to be killed because of the uniform they wear while doing their job protecting citizens.

Nobody deserves to die because they are attracted to/love someone of their own gender.

Nobody deserves to be blown up or shot in an airport or anywhere else because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nobody deserves to be mowed down by a truck as they celebrate Bastille Day.

I love people. Black people, white people, people who wear LEO uniforms, Muslim people, Christian people, atheist people, Europeans, Americans, Africans, Mexicans, Canadians, Asians, you name it — someone I love fits in each of those categories and many others.

I try to love the world.

Right now, my love is so hot that it’s searing my soul. It’s a roiling angry river under my skin, and it feels like my tears should scald the ground.

It hurts. But I do love this beautiful, weeping world, and I won’t stop…no matter how many times the icy shards of hatred rip and slice at us all. Don’t let your love for your fellow human beings freeze. Don’t become immune to the pain of these times.

We have to be a family, with all of the ups and downs and tears and stumbles that might mean.

If we’re going to fix anything, we need to remember how to love each other well.

I don’t know anything…even what the point of this post was, really. But I love y’all.