And Then There are the Days…

…when cool things happen and you want to share.

This is a “Druidry thing” (you’ve been warned, heh):

I’ve approached a point in my journey where I am called to work with a different animal for a while — I mean, Wolf and Butterfly have always been (and may always be) my totems, but there’s room at the table, you know? And if we never change, we stagnate and cannot grow.

I had a few different candidates in mind, but wasn’t receiving clear guidance on which one might be appropriate for now. Those same thoughts kept tumbling around in my head, even as I stepped into a beautiful morning to mow the front yard.

No sooner had I closed the door than an adamant, musical “kraa” sounded over my shoulder. Another followed, and I turned my head.

The biggest raven (they are significantly larger than crows) I’ve seen was sitting on my fence, staring at me. The fence isn’t far from the door; generally the door closing startles birds away from the yard. Not this one.

I said hello, and the raven tilted its head. It let out another, sharper “kraa” that sounded more like “Watch,” and very deliberately hopped down into my fenced back yard.

Well then. Sometimes it takes an anvil, but I eventually get the message! Raven was on my short list, and Raven it shall be.

Part 2 happened today, in a store parking lot. My husband and I were walking toward the store (groceries, ugh…such a chore) and he said, “You have an admirer.” I turned and saw a different bird hopping toward me and chirping very pointedly at me. The other parking lot avians were keeping a safe distance, but for a moment I thought this guy was going to come right up to my foot!

Not sure what to make of that, other than as reinforcement of the previous message…

I’ve never been particularly keen on birds in a conscious, active way, though I have respect for them and for their graceful flight. We’re not so different though, this Druid and those birds: We both work with unseen currents, and allow life to guide our movements. We follow the will of the wind.

It’ll be interesting to see where the journey leads over this next little while.