Paint Your Own Silver Linings

Let’s say that something less than ideal is happening (or just happened) in your life.

“Look at the silver lining!” they say.

It’s not terrible advice, you know. But sometimes, it’s really hard to see a silver lining. Sometimes we just have to paint our own. (And I’m not talking about the super-serious life events like death, cancer, etc. here…more the unexpected not-as-major yucky stuff that wears us down over time.)

Just paid $$$ in taxes when you expected a refund? Ugh. But…at least the money was there.

(Yeah, that still sucks. I know. Just happened to me too.)

Had to work overtime? No fun at all! But…that extra pay will cover something you needed.

These are crappy examples, but you get the point. Life happens; shit happens. To all of us. On the regular. We can’t control a lot of that or prevent most of it. The main “point of agency,” then, is what we do with the yucky stuff when it occurs.

Cry. Scream at the universe. Kvetch — it’s actually good for you, to a point. And then pick yourself up, grab a paintbrush, and Bob Ross that shit until you can move on.

(I’m not advocating lying to yourself or avoidance of dealing with things, but at some point, enough is enough. If you can’t do anything more to fix/change things, it’s time for a bit o’ acceptance.)

Speaking of Bob Ross, you need to hear this song. No, really. You’re welcome. 😀