These Days

What are you up to these days, Mel? You sure aren't writing much. Au contraire, mes amis...I have so many projects (writing and otherwise) in the works right now that I'm finding it difficult to post as often as I'd like to for this blog. Works-in-progress at this time (not a complete list): -My second … Continue reading These Days

“Legitimate” Grief — or Why it Still Matters

[NOTE: This three-year-old post was imported from an old blog of mine. This month marks 13 years since the day I reference below, not ten.] ________________________________________________________ December 18, 2013, marks ten years since the worst day of my life. I can't believe it's been a decade since I lost my first child, since I spent … Continue reading “Legitimate” Grief — or Why it Still Matters


Originally posted 02.11.16 on Facebook (I'll be porting a few more well-read posts in the future): I guess when someone asks you what advice you'd give a new mom, hysterical laughter isn't the answer they're looking for. 😀 The things I would have told someone a long time ago sure have changed! 1. All advice … Continue reading (M)advice