Mel’s Monday Musings: May 31, 2021

Summer’s coming! (For some of you it’s already here, heat-wise and re: schools, and for others you’re experiencing the onset of winter. But here, we are on the cusp of summer.)

Summer is not my favorite season; it’s 4th of 4 overall (at least weather-wise). Buuuuut…there’s so much to like about it, especially when it’s not blisteringly hot every day and night.

Swimming…ice cream…pretending to be a tourist in all the touristy places (which is a good way to keep the actual tourist throngs from bothering you, FYI)…fireworks…it’ll be the 4th of July before we know it!

Y’all know I am not into the flag-fetish kind of patriotism that runs so rampant in right-wing America these days. I am glad I was born free; I wish everyone was. But I didn’t choose my nationality, and it doesn’t make me a better or more worthy human being than anyone else on the planet.

Still, there’s something about a small-town 4th of July celebration…they’re nice here, although they also make me homesick and nostalgic for the 4ths of my youth…the sticky-hot days cooling to slightly-less-sticky-hot evenings with merciful breezes blowing across the water…the scents of sunscreen and bug spray you can’t escape…the crowds full of faces you know and people who know someone who knows you (ahhh small-town life)…street food and cheap sweating cold cans of whatever you can grab…the collective joy watching the first fireworks explode, and then waiting for your favorite kinds to appear in the darkening sky (I love the ones that shimmer down slowly)…

I have missed that communal happiness. 🙂