Mel’s Monday Musings: February 8, 2021

I said February might be a poetry month; here’s today’s humble offering. Stay safe and well, y’all.

i may come to you
wild-haired, barefooted,
smelling of horses and bonfires,
drunk on laughter and flames.
i may come to you
soft, pale and smooth
and all undone by moonlight,
aching, willing, yours.
i am storm-feral and life-kind,
a merry mess,
a blood-stirred witch,
a lover who knows you.

you can come to me
woven with beach grass and stories,
larger than one scarred love
but a perfect fit in two.
you can come to me
in darkness, in silver, in blue,
bearing all your ice and the light
of spring in your eyes.
you are forge-hot and field-strong,
an arrow shot true,
a balm, a beckoning,
one who sees so clearly what others cannot.

with our fingers twined
we kiss all the sky’s wounds closed.
we drink dawn from each other’s chests
and lick smiles from humming throats,
eyes shut against our own brightness.