Mel’s Monday Musings: August 24, 2020

Hi! It’s August 24th! In two months, I’ll be 38. Two months after that is Xmas Eve, for those who celebrate religiously and/or secularly.

And a week after THAT, 2020 will be ending! I don’t know many people who will be sorry to see it go, although I can’t pretend it hasn’t had some amazing things for me personally, in amongst the panic and the stress of trying to keep my household safe in a global pandemic.

(If our election results in a quick and decisive victory for Joe Biden, THAT will definitely be something to celebrate as well. He’s not my ideal POTUS but he’s ten billion miles better than what we have now, at least if you value human decency, equal rights, international relations, etc. — Oh, and comments are moderated; MAGAt vitriol and/or propaganda will not be approved.)

Friendly reminder: the charity EP by Snow Patrol and the Saturday Songwriters is OUT NOW! Every cent goes to the Trussell Trust to help feed people in need. Thank you to everyone who has already ordered The Fireside Sessions. We all hope you love it!

Stay healthy & sane, dear ones.