Mel’s Monday Musings: May 25, 2020

(Not going to address The Day, since I have an international readership, but if you’re in the USA and offended that I didn’t, pretend I did. :-p)

Hi! How’s it going, y’all?

The weather’s heating up here, so we’ve become popsicle fanatics again (no air conditioning in our creaky old-but-wonderful house). Later in the week there’ll be a reprieve, thankfully, but for now, we snarf popsicles and do our outdoor stuff/harder work either early in the day or after supper.

Today, my youngest and I planted a whole passel of gladiolas. I’m not sure how we’ll support them yet, once they start coming up, but that’s a problem for later. 😀 My Nana always had a yard bursting with color, and a big part of that in summertime was the riot of glads anywhere she could fit them. I want so badly to have a yard as bright and cheerful as hers! (Especially whilst I still have three minions…errr, children….at home to help me with weeding and other such things. 😉 )

Am hoping to have my last masks mailed out by the end of this week. Then, onward to new creative projects (I always have a dozen things on the back burner; you fellow artists/creatives know how it goes. I’d need at least six lifetimes to squeeze them all in!).

I’m going to submit a piece of art for a Big Thing. It’d be pretty much the highlight of my (professional) life if it were selected. We’ll see how it goes! If I don’t try, my work definitely can’t be chosen, right?

Gotta go start cooking supper in not too long. I don’t love to cook anyway, but when it’s warm outside, the thought of standing in front of the stove for an hour is extra-unappealing. Time to alter the menu to use things like the slow cooker more, so I can save time and generate less heat in the kitchen overall. We always do a lot of fresh, charcuterie-inspired dinners during the very hottest part of summer — something like: fruit platter, veggie platter, meats and cheeses, crackers, etc. and everyone grabs whatever appeals. It’s pretty healthy and very delicious, especially with as much of the produce from local farms as possible.

Eat local, shop local, shop small, etc…better for you and better for your community.

What’s new with you?