Mel’s Monday Musings: April 13, 2020

Hi! How’s it going in your corner of the world?

It’s been a blustery, wet day here, with wind howling around the house and trying to open, rattle, or tip over anything it can, spattering rain almost angrily against windows and walls, roof and concrete.

But I…am oddly content right now. (I got a Thing in the mail today! And I love storms, though I do prefer minimal destruction. :-p)

I’m not usually that hung up on “stuff,” but this 1906 Singer machine has me spellbound.

Image may contain: indoor

Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂 Pardon the mask-making mess behind her. Yes, she sews, and yes, I may make a few masks with her. I don’t think I’ll ask a lot of such an old machine, but I want to make sure there’s enough regular use to keep her in working order.

I think part of my fascination is that yes, my heart is engaged (such history; much emotion! What was sewn with this machine, and who sat in front of her with what expectations? When?), but my mind is also mesmerized. So little has changed overall with sewing machines in the 110 years between my antique and modern machines…and yet, how much is different!

Alright, I’ll stop talking about my new (old) baby now…I do have a request, for my American readers.

The USPS is in trouble. Send a card to that friend or relative you’ve been meaning to write to for a while now! Buy stamps to use later once things are less crazy — I picked up frog and dragon stamps online yesterday so that our holiday cards this year will be the coolest ever!

The post office is NOT taxpayer-funded. And it’s the only institution I know of that was required to fund pensions 75 years in advance — many of those employees who will receive that money haven’t been BORN yet. And it still manages to offer the cheapest shipping options around — I know sometimes you see UPS or FedEx offer a cheaper rate for a box, but guess what? A lot of the time, the USPS is still going to be handed your package for the “last mile” (last leg) of the journey!

So strike up a pen pal exchange or renew one. Catch up on your correspondence. Send packages of things you’ve been meaning to pass along to others! Now is the perfect time to teach younger generations the joy of letter-writing. And mail is even more fun to receive when we’re not able to go out and about like usual! This is a small way we can help a service that so many people rely on. 🙂

Be well!