Mel’s Monday Musings: November 11, 2019

Hiiii! How’s it going?

Can’t complain here. Winter came early though — 7-11″ of snow expected by 9am tomorrow and I can believe it! My wind chimes are going crazy right now.

(It was snowing enough that they canceled choir rehearsal tonight, and they don’t do that for a few flurries around here. We’re tough re: winter weather; have to be, because winter can be intense and long.)

In other news, I’ve added beaded snowflake ornaments to my repertoire and will actually be stocking a few items later this week in an honest-to-goodness shop! It’s the kind of shop that has several vendors, and you just pay a nominal monthly fee plus a small commission on items that are sold.

I’m excited (and nervous)!

There are stressors aplenty too, but I’m trying not to let them drive me. There is always good in life — sometimes it gets buried a little deeper down than at other times, but it’s pretty much always there if you keep looking. 🙂

How are ya?