Mel’s Monday Musings: September 30, 2019

Something feels wrong —  I don’t know what it is, but something is off. Don’t you hate that feeling? The world just seems to be spinning off-kilter somehow; there’s a discordant note in the song somewhere.

(There’s a lot that’s wrong if you look at politics and world issues, I know…it’s easy to write it off as stress from all of those things, and maybe that’s true in some ways.)

Maybe it’s just because tomorrow begins October, and while I like my birth month, it feels darker somehow, these past few years. It’s a good month for clarity via dreams, which is saying something, given how off-the-wall my dreams ordinarily are.

I love the changing leaves and the chilly mornings. I love Halloween/Samhain and all of that. (I still don’t get purple and snot green as Halloween colors though; that’s a fairly recent trend that can gtfo. And Mellocreme pumpkins are life.)

I just can’t shake this deep sense of foreboding. Hold on to your butts, people.

Sorry, I know this isn’t our usual MMM fare, but it’s what I have today. What’s new with you guys?