Mel’s Monday Musings: April 8, 2019

Hi! It’s been a Monday over here, so instead of the weightier topics I considered for tonight’s post, I thought I’d do a round-up of “good stuff on the internet.” Please feel free to comment and add your own!

Humor/Entertainment: Nathan Pyle’s “Strange Planet” comic series is giving me life on Instagram. It’s a wholesome, humorous look at the absurdities of everyday life.

Doing Good: Little Acorn Sanctuary in Minnesota is rescuing unwanted and abused farm animals. Run by my friend’s sister, the Sanctuary is an online stop for me whenever I need a reminder that there is good in this world, because they are doing amazing things, and there are so many people trying to help them out however they can. (They have a Patreon, too, if you’re interested.) Martin (“Martin with the Big Ears”) is my favorite resident…shhh, don’t tell the others. 😉

Oddly Satisfying: I could watch calligraphy/hand-lettering videos like this one (Not with the sound on; I’d rather have my own tunes playing…but still.)

Earworms: I don’t know that these would make a favorites list, but I can’t stop listening to them (and the lyric videos, esp. for the 2nd one, are decent too): “Ruin My Life” by Zara Larsson and “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons.

Your turn!