Mel’s Monday Musings: March 18, 2019

Today, I just wanted to drop a few positive things here, and I invite you to do the same! What’s made you smile lately?

My list:

-Season 3 of Queer Eye — seriously, go watch it! It’s such a feel-good show in an era of pettiness, manufactured outrage, and toxicity. (Also, you need to see Jonathan’s face when he talks about extra ribs in the BBQ episode. Let me know when you know what I’m talking about. 😀 )

-My son is going to take French starting next year (my almost-14-year-old takes Spanish and is very advanced, so my Dora-level skills are of no use to her…my French is rusty but a lot better than that, so I’ll actually be helpful here and there!)

-I hear geese regularly right now, so I know that no matter what the thermometer says, spring is coming! We actually had snow today, and I found it soothing. As much as I love the idea of spring and cannot wait to get a garden going (and various plants in the bare spots around the house), I’m never fully “ready” to let go of winter. And this winter has been marvelous! Brutally cold at times, but amazing and delightful nonetheless…well, except for the outrageous heating bills, heh.

-We’ve seen both of our “regular” squirrels lately (Frank and Steve), so we know they’ve passed through the winter alright. I’d like to think that flinging a few handfuls of appropriate seeds and nuts out the back when the storms were particularly strong (or the snowfall was excessive) helped them somehow. There were times I couldn’t get the back door open because of the snow, so I’d throw food over the fence from the side entry.

-All of us survived another Monday!

Your turn. 🙂

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