Real Talk: What Happens After This Vote

Midterms are Tuesday.

I hope (and believe) that the Blue Wave is a tsunami, and that Wednesday morning we will wake up — assuming we can sleep — to a political landscape with a lot of incoming blue across the map. I hope and pray that the Senate moves to Democrat control, as does the House of Representatives.

If not…if not…

I’m not sleeping well these days.

I had the thought after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting that “I have a basement now, if it comes to that,” and almost choked on my next breath.

How the hell is it possible that I had this thought in 2018, in the United States of America?

But I had it, and it has stuck with me. It’s easy to say that of course you’d be one of those people who risked life and limb to save others from the government, from the Nazis, but it’s much more complex when you start unpacking everything that would mean. Would I really do it?

Yes. Yes I would.

If it came to that, I would send my children to someone else for safekeeping, because I don’t believe they should have to pay the price for my convictions and I don’t trust that a government that would persecute Jews (or POC or whatever other marginalized group they came for) would not also murder my innocent children alongside me for the help I’d given to the targeted ones.

It almost broke me, having these thoughts, truly thinking it through. My children are my everything. Would they understand? I would send letters and mementos with them, but would they really understand why I did what I did, why I was willing to potentially lay my life down for strangers? Or would they resent/hate me forever, for putting myself in that position and possibly taking their mother — myself — away from them?

Would it make me a terrible mother to save them?

Is it selfish that I, a mother, would risk my life if it came to that?

I don’t know.

I do know that I couldn’t live with myself if, like so many “good people” in Nazi Germany, I stood idly by, no matter my excuse. I would rather die serving equality and justice than live perpetuating inequality and injustice with my silence and inaction.

And I have no intention of dying anytime soon. Watch out, Nazis. We beat you into the shadows once and we will do it again. It will not come down to basements and gas chambers this time.

So yeah, vote. You have exactly two options in these midterms: Vote for Democrats, or enable the rise of the Nazis — this time right here, on American soil.

Please Note: I am not advocating, nor have I ever advocated, violence as a solution to any of what plagues American politics today. If you think you might harm yourself or someone else, please get professional help.