Mandate of Where?

“Your voice, your hopes, your dreams will define our American destiny…” –45

Our American destiny. This phrase, echoed by the RNC, explains a lot about the GOP and its actions — as well as inaction — of late.

The Republican Party is the only force right now that could actually apply the brakes to some of President Trump’s ridiculousness. He won’t be impeached without at least partial party support of the proceedings. And yet, even when we hear that Trump shared highly classified intelligence information with Russia in a meeting, there is no rush to denounce him — not from his party base, anyway, a party that has long touted itself as that of any true patriot.

Is treason patriotic now? I missed that memo. The strongest Republican reaction I could find early this morning was from Bob Corker (mentioned in that article), saying basically, “Well, sure, if it’s true, that’s not awesome.”

Am I the only one who noticed that “If it’s true, then the POTUS might have done something slightly less than good” has become the GOP’s new “But her emails!”?

Don’t worry, Donny, they’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt. Rome is burning, but they’ll fiddle for you (assuming anyone who backs gutting the NEA could be cultured enough to play an instrument).

The Zhou dynasty, as far back as 1046 BCE, used a handy political concept called the “mandate of heaven” to justify overthrowing the Shang dynasty and putting their own king on the throne of China.

The mandate basically said that the only legitimate ruler of the nation was the one they just put up there, because obviously he had the favor of the gods. If one king was overthrown and another imposed in his place afterward, well, the mandate must have passed to this new king. How useful! One could use the mandate to justify political machinations under the guise of, “if it worked, it must have been according to divine plan, so you can’t say boo about it.”

Boy, that’s starting to sound familiar.

Is it possible that the GOP is operating under a Christian version of the mandate of heaven? Words like “destiny” make me nervous in settings that should be subject to rational thought. Are they all hoodwinked into believing that God supports Trump, and therefore whatever the Angry Orange One actually does, no matter how heinous or bad for America, is irrelevant as long as he’s in power?

What kind of benevolent God would back a man who has five kids by three women (sanctity of marriage indeed!) and who believes in grabbing women’s genitalia and stripping millions of people of access (yes, insurance IS access, given bloated costs) to healthcare?


There is nothing rational in the Republican party’s repeated handwaving, story-twisting, head-in-the-sand, half-assed rationalizations for Trump’s unpatriotic behavior. He’s not making America great — but he might be grooming it to become New Little Russia, with all of the rights (*snort*) and culture of Putin’s homeland.

The fact that there are not alarm bells going off for every citizen, regardless of political affiliation, tells me that the GOP is not living up to even its own theoretically-present ethics.  It is becoming a party of bystanders, of enablers, of (yes) fiddlers in the flames. I know you love this country, Republican Americans, but somewhere along the way, party loyalty has overthrown your patriotism and trodden it into the dirt.

This is an American issue, and I believe we all love our country very deeply, that we all want to see the USA remain a global powerhouse and a land of opportunity.  Trump’s agenda has nothing to do with making America great. She already is — but he is diminishing her light.

That’s not God’s signature on that mandate, y’all. It’s Vladimir Putin’s. And I am tired of watching the GOP and their oddly-hued man-boy king (oops, “president”) dance to his tune.

Update: It seems others are having similar thoughts.