About this Election (aka “USA: the Shitshow Edition”)

(A slightly longer version of what I posted on a social media site I use daily)

Oh man, America. My hair is still wet from the shower I took to try to calm down a while ago (I ended up sobbing hysterically and dry heaving under the water instead, oops). But I don’t want to wait to say this.

Trump absolutely does not represent me or my values, or anything I want to teach my children. That said, I will still try to approach all of my fellow Americans with compassion and open arms (though I admit that I do not understand some of you AT ALL in this right now).

We didn’t need an oddly orange demagogue screaming about making America great again. It already was and is — but its greatness has nothing to do with the stuffed shirts in Washington, and everything to do with how we treat one another.

I know a lot of you have hearts as broken and shell-shocked as mine right now. But please, please don’t take it out on those who chose differently. Time will bear out the important truths. We really are “stronger together” — especially as a whole, if hurting, America. We are the United States, after all.

I’m not sure what I’ll tell my children in the morning. I don’t know how to explain that sometimes bigotry and hatred win, at least in the short term. They are so very young to be faced with this ugly truth…but they are also my greatest hope for its long-term defeat.

And you know what else? We may not have flipped the Senate, but this ginger IS flipped. I’m going to be swift and loud in standing up against every incident of xenophobia, racism, sexism, and any other interpersonal ugliness that I see. It’s not that I’ve been silent, but it’s time for MORE. Peaceful but strident, clear, and unrelenting MORE.

The real work begins now.

Join me?