Monkey pants and other fun things

I recently got sucked into binge-watching Buffy: The Vampire Slayer from the very beginning. Man, I’d forgotten how many hilariously quotable lines there were and how genius Joss Whedon is!

“I mock you with my monkey pants” is just one of those lines that, when heard, must be thrown into casual conversation at some point within the next 48 hours (with as much feeling as possible).

Oh, and welcome to my new blog. It’s not a mom blog (though I am a mom, and I talk about the kids a lot. A lot). It’s not a gamer blog or a Druid blog (though I am a gamer and a Druid too). It’s not even a crafter’s blog (though there will be crafts…omg, there will be crafts).

It’s just me, whatever that means on a given day. (Apologies in advance and/or you’re welcome.) 🙂