Tarot Services

All services will be delivered via email within 2-4 business days (depending on current client volume) unless otherwise stated. I WILL NOT rush your reading for an additional fee. I have many clients and three children, and all of you deserve proper attention. Thank you for your understanding. Please read my FAQ/Ethics page before submitting payment for any service. Your purchase of any of my services indicates your agreement to any and all terms laid out on this site. 

I offer readings from several “traditional” and nonstandard (oracle) decks. Deck(s) will be selected based upon the question and the type of reading you’d like.

I also offer “tree Tarot” readings, Ogham and traditional runecasting, and more.

For a full listing of available services and pricing, contact me using the contact link below or find me on Twitter (@VanMelsing) or Instagram (@druidmel).

Payment is accepted via Paypal.me after I receive your consent to all terms on this site. My work begins upon receipt of payment.

Have questions about which service is right for you? Contact me!