Getting Festive with Felt

Yule/Christmas really snuck up on me this year! How are we only a month away??

I’m going to make a few fabric ornaments, of course, but I thought I’d try something new, too. (I was also looking for projects the kids might enjoy since they’re off now for an entire WEEK for Thanksgiving. When they’re crafting, they’re not driving each other — or me — batty.)

I found this project from Amy Christie, and it was too cute to pass up. Felt Christmas trees appealed to both the crafty and the rustic-loving parts of me, and they looked simple enough for the kids to do.

Last night, after a Walmart run, I got down to business. Y’all, I’m not going to lie, cutting out all of those little felt squares was on the tedious side. I did it while watching Netflix, and I think that made it take way longer than it would’ve otherwise (but with my ADD brain, sitting there and just cutting squares would’ve been difficult).

Putting them together was simple enough. I chose to stick to a pattern like Amy did in her example, though I used different colors. (I like rustic but the beige/neutral palette has never done much for me…my inner child demands color.)

I think it was my decision not to use thread that made stringing the felt a bit difficult. I used 20-gauge craft wire and it was a bit too flexible for my liking (but oh, it felt great to work with wire again!) Instead of using the two smallest felt squares to make a star, I just bent the wire into a crude approximation at the top. I also reinforced the roll of felt for the base of the tree with silver loops of wire.

The results:

I really enjoyed this project! I’m not sure my younger two kids (ages 8 and 10) would stick with it though. I’m going to make another with a needle and thread at some point to see how the process compares — will update this post when I do.

Have you made anything crafty for the holiday season yet?? Let me know! I love (respectful) comments!

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