Summer Tarot Offerings!

From now through August 1st, book a standard Tarot reading with me (delivered via email, 5+ cards with photo) for just $35! (Pay here.) I have several decks and will use whichever one feels appropriate for the client and the question at hand.

Note: Deck and spread vary.

I’m also thrilled to offer a new format, which combines the wisdom of the trees with my own personal, hand-selected charm set. These charms are thrown and read along with the tree oracle (4-5 cards) to provide greater depth and insight. This reading offers guidance for the next four seasons (an overview of the next year — and you don’t have to wait until January!).

Charms vary; deck does not. Spirit Key is always present.

Tree oracle readings are $45. (Pay here.)

Please keep in mind that you are getting, at a minimum, two hours of my time, and that during your reading and your write-up, I am not doing anything else (not surfing the Web, not attending to children or pets, not planning tomorrow in my head, etc.). One question per reading, please.

My standard policies apply to these summer readings (read here, here and here), including turnaround time (4-7 business days but I’m usually faster than that!). If I need to follow up with you before beginning your reading, I will do so within 24 hours of receiving payment. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that I have a valid email address for you!